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What is Forests With Impact?
Forests With Impact is a registered social enterprise that focuses on ecological restoration, prisoner rehabilitation, and community development through the creation of thriving tree nurseries. It operates as a Community Interest Company (CIC).


What defines Forests With Impact as a social enterprise?
As a social enterprise, we are committed to addressing community and environmental challenges. We combine social and environmental values while generating revenue through our activities. The surplus revenue we generate is reinvested into the community, to offer sustainable and relevant skills development opportunities, which will support the resilience and sustainability of the local economy.


What is the primary objective of Forests With Impact?
Our primary objectives are to tackle the climate emergency, create employment opportunities for prisoners and prison leavers, and invest in local communities. We operate with a strong social and environmental mission.


How can I support Forests With Impact?
You can support us by participating in our Partner Programmes, volunteering, contributing expertise, or exploring other collaboration opportunities. As a social enterprise, we welcome contributions and partnerships from like-minded organisations and individuals on a fully inclusive basis.
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What sets Forests With Impact apart?
Our unique approach is industry-led and combines ecological restoration, prisoner rehabilitation, and community development. We are driven by industry experts and volunteers who champion social and environmental values, distinguishing us as a social enterprise committed to making a positive impact through true community and industry collaboration.


Can social enterprises get tax relief?
Yes, social enterprises may be eligible for tax relief and incentives. For instance, if they can apply for Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) and may benefit from business rate relief. Forests With Impact takes advantage of such tax benefits to further its mission.


How does Forests With Impact measure and report its social and environmental impact?
We use the nationally recognised TOMs framework and the Social Value Portal to measure the social and environmental impact we and all our partners generate. This approach allows for the transparent and credible reporting of our activities, and helps our social enterprise to remain accountable.


How can my company partner with Forests With Impact?
Companies can become partners by joining one of our partner programmes, which give multiple ways to support us.
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