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Invisible Walls

Community Interest Company (IW CIC)

Invisible Walls are committed to delivering the best possible family service to those in custody, in the community and significant others in their lives.

They recognise that they have a professional and moral obligation to support, guide and help everyone with regard to their family, parenting and relationship situation, where it is safe and appropriate to do so. They want what they do to have significant positive impacts on children and families in the community.

About - Invisible Walls (IW CIC)

The Invisible Walls story began in 2006 at HMP Parc in Bridgend South Wales, providing support, guidance and tangible help to people in prison, who wanted to rebuild or retain their relationships with their children and loved ones in the community. Over the years the remit evolved to include the delivery of various family focused interventions delivered in the prison visiting hall, and expanded to long term mentoring support for the whole family, whilst the father was in custody, and then after release and through the period of resettlement.

Invisible Walls was responsible for opening the first Family Interventions Unit for fathers in the UK at HMP Parc in 2009, a model that has since been successfully replicated in G4S and public sector prisons, as well in prisons outside of the UK.  In 2010 the Invisible Walls model also encompassed a culture breaking approach to the social visiting experience within prisons. Exchanging the often overtly security focused visits, for one that promotes positive, warm, friendly family engagement.

Since 2014 Invisible Walls has delivered a specific focus on the importance of, where appropriate, the father’s active involvement in the educational attainment of their children through the Children’s Showcase. This offers teachers and support staff from different schools to attend with families, children, and the fathers, a special event where the whole family can engage with the school and celebrate the progress and resilience of their remarkable children.

Along the way, the team have been honoured with numerous awards and the model has been shared with correctional services across five continents.

In 2022 Invisible Walls expanded its remit to deliver support services in visitor centre and visiting halls in five public sector prisons in England and Wales, and in G4S prisons. In 2023, Invisible Walls became incorporated as Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit organisation.

Along the way, the team have been honoured with numerous awards and the model has been shared with correctional services across five continents.

Their Mission

To help reduce inter-generational offending

To help families reconnect with their communities - using a 'whole family' approach

To work with families to improve family relationships during and after custody

To help make the visiting experience a positive and engaging one for all involved;

Provide support during and after custody to help people build better futures - accommodation, employment, training, education, volunteering, substance use.

If you want to find out more about Invisible Walls and their mission please visit their page and get in contact