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We bring a purpose to unused prison land, help build pride in prisoners as they learn a skillset whilst doing good for the environment and the local community.

We invite you to join us by bringing Forests With Impact to your prison. Discover the incredible opportunities and positive impact that our programme can bring.

Why partner with Forests With Impact?

Rehabilitation with purpose

Forests With Impact offers a unique approach to rehabilitation. By establishing commercial tree nurseries within prisons, we provide prisoners with valuable skills and training in horticulture, nursery management, and environmental conservation.

Our programme instils a sense of purpose, responsibility, and pride, equipping individuals with the tools they need to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society.

Environmental Restoration

Through our tree nursery programme, we promote the restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity. By growing and planting trees, we contribute to combatting climate change, improving air quality, and creating habitats for wildlife.

By partnering with Forests With Impact, your prison can play a pivotal role in addressing environmental challenges and meeting sustainability goals.

Community Engagement and Resilience

Forests With Impact goes beyond prison walls. We actively engage with local communities, creating opportunities for shared learning, collaboration, and skills development.

By extending the benefits of our programme to the community, we foster a sense of connection, support local economies, and contribute to community resilience.

Tangible Social Impact

Partnering with Forests With Impact allows your prison to make a tangible difference. Our programme helps reduce reoffending rates by equipping prisoners with employable skills and offering a pathway to employment upon release.

By supporting prisoners’ rehabilitation and reintegration, we aim to prevent future victims of crime and create safer communities.

Comprehensive Support

When you join Forests With Impact, you become part of a supportive network committed to your success. Our experienced team will provide guidance and support at every step, from initial setup and training to ongoing assistance with programme implementation and management.

We offer a range of resources, including training materials, operational guidelines, and access to our network of partners.

How to get involved


Initial Assessment
Contact Forests With Impact to express your interest in joining the programme. We will work closely with you to understand your prison's unique needs, resources, and capacity to implement the commercial tree nursery programme effectively.


Programme Customisation
We will collaborate with you to tailor the programme to your specific requirements, considering factors such as available space, security protocols, and prisoners demographics. Our team will provide guidance and expertise to ensure a successful implementation.


Training and Support
Our team will support you to conduct comprehensive training sessions for prison staff and prisoners involved in the programme. We will share best practices in tree nursery management, horticultural techniques, and environmental conservation from other Forests With Impact Prisons. Ongoing support will be provided to address any challenges that may arise.


Programme Launch
With the guidance of Forests With Impact, you will establish a commercial tree nursery within your prison. Our team will assist with the setup, including sourcing materials, providing necessary equipment, and offering ongoing operational guidance. (Subject to funding)


Impact Monitoring and Reporting
Throughout the partnership, Forests With Impact will work closely with your institution to monitor the programme impact. We will provide regular reporting on key metrics, success stories, and the overall progress of the programme. The data can be used to demonstrate the positive outcomes to stakeholders and showcase the value of your prison's participation.

Take the next step

Join Forests With Impact today and become a catalyst for positive change.

By bringing our innovative commercial tree nursery programme to your prison, you can transform lives, restore ecosystems, and empower your community. Contact us now to embark on this extraordinary journey together.